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Fálkinn - Company Profile


The main customers groups are industrial users and OEMs, including fisheries, fish and food processing, processing plants, manufacturing companies, construction and transport. Other important target groups include power companies, automotive, mechanical and electrical workshops and contractors.

Policy statement

Fálkinn is a service and technical company which specializes in machinery and automotive components, complete machinery and electrical engineering goods.

The company runs a store and service workshop at Suðurlandsbraut 8 in Reykjavík. Fálkinn aims to secure its customers the best available goods and services possible at any given time on fair and competitive terms.

In order to reach this goal we strive to offer only the best products available in each and every case from world leading suppliers in each field, and employ at the same time able and well trained staff in order to support our service and consultation obligations to our customers and principals.

Good business and social practices are a pre-condition for all our activities and dealings.

Main products

Machinery products:

Automotive bearings, seals, u-joints, belts, shock absorbers, clutches, brake parts
Industrial ball and roller bearings
Linear technique
Oil seals
Mechanical seals
 Transmission and conveyor chain and sprockets
V-belts, timing belts and pulleys
Castors, industrial and furniture
Hoists and cranes
Steam control equipment
Valves of all kind for industrial applications
Process pumps
Eccentric screw pumps
Submersible pumps
Dosing pumps
Effluent treatment equipment and complete plants for industrial and municipal applications
Plant machinery for fishmeal factories

Electrical products:

Electric motors
Gear motors
Worm gears and speed reducers
Contactors and overload protection
Motor starters
Variable speed drives
Push buttons
Controlling and signal units
Cam switches
Sensors and photocells
Level controls
Thermal and pressure controls and measurement devices
Programmable logical controllers (PLCs)
Circuit breakers
Lighting equipment
Electrical installation material
Safety switches, detectors and controls
MV and HV circuit breakers and disconnectors
Power and distribution transformers and substations
Ventilation fans and blowers Strapping machines and consumables

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