Magnify Credit Union

Exterior photo of the Magnify Credit Union

General Information

  • Building Name: Magnify Credit Union - South Lakeland Branch
  • Building Location:
  • City: Lakeland
  • State: Florida
  • Country: USA
  • Project Size (ft², m²): 4, 151 sq. ft.
  • Building Type(s): Commercial
  • Project Type: Financial Institution
  • Total Building Costs: $2, 378, 937 Cost/ft²: $573/SF
  • Owner: Magnify Credit Union
  • Building Architect/Project Team: Straughn Trout Architects, LLC
  • Project Contact Person: Tim Hoeft, LEED AP
  • Description

    The design of this flagship branch for a recently re-branded credit union aligns with the client's mission of financial education and environmental awareness. As an intervention in a suburban environment without any sense of place or true historical president, style and form become dictated by the sustainable functions of the facility as well as the operational activities of the occupants.interior space ibility of both private and public spaces weaves the project into the local community fabric by providing a place for events that can develop its identity over time. Re-evaluating the owner's "standard business model" transforms the interior organization of spatial relationships made possible by recent technological equipment. The new branch credit union is located on a previously developed site and was designed to wrap around an existing building that is the home of a "neighborhood favorite" ice cream shop. This unique pairing increases the area's development density while minimizing changes to infrastructure and local traffic patterns. While only minor cosmetic changes will be made to the ice cream shop, the finished project will portray two buildings, two businesses embracing each other in a symbiotic relationship. The project was completed in August of 2009.

    The project's first sustainable action was to purchase this previously developed property in lieu of disturbing raw land. As with any context on the municipal fringe, the site for this project intermingles with developments and structures of varying program and occupation. Approximately ten miles from the nearest typical urban fabric, the primarily residential area has cultivated several nodes of local commerce that provide many "everyday" services. An elementary school is also within walking distance of the site, whose students strongly support the existing ice cream shop that anchors the chosen location for the project.

    Illustration of solar reflective heating membrane Transaction pod exterior double roof line interior mezzanine windows

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