Member Advantage (Credit Unions)

Capture MICHIGAN CITY | Members Advantage Credit Union made a $2, 500 donation to the Michigan City Salvation Army’s holiday fundraising campaign again. It was among the top 10 donations the organization received.

“Thank you for all your support — we greatly appreciate it. Without the community and especially businesses such as Members Advantage Credit Union, we would not be able to serve as many people or start new programs, ” said Lt. Bill Brutto on behalf of the organization.

“Members Advantage Credit Union appreciates the outstanding contribution that the Michigan City Salvation Army makes to those less fortunate in our community, said Frank Beachnau, Members Advantage president.

Brutto said monetary contributions such as the credit union’s help The Salvation Army continue to offer food, clothing, energy, rent and shelter.

“Donations like yours will help with all those things so we can continue to offer those services and offer more assistance, ” said Brutto.

Through this donation, the Michigan City unit can continue to feed 800 area families, which translates to 3, 000 to 4, 000 individuals, each month. The past holiday season a record total of 7, 000 individuals, or 1, 100 families, received assistance, Brutto said.

“It’s a good thing that we could help that many people, but it’s a bad thing that there are that many people in need, ” he stressed.

Although the Michigan City Salvation Army has surpassed its holiday campaign goal of $160, 000, Brutto emphasized “we are far from being good for the year; we need donations like this year round.”

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