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Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.44.00 PM Noted author Stephen R. Covey has said, “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

Since February of 2013 and the appointment of Bernard McLaughlin as President and CEO of Point Breeze Credit Union—the Point Breeze ladder is indeed leaning against the right wall.

Point Breeze Credit Union, with branch offices in Hunt Valley, Bel Air and Baltimore Maryland, staffs 90 employees who have no doubt felt the ladder shift. The energetic and enthusiastic McLaughlin puts life into his leadership role and principals are put to practice in ways that translate into measurable growth for employees and members alike.

“People cannot succeed without the proper tools and training and it is important to communicate expectations. I want our people to know that they matter and that I value their contribution, ” emphasizes the president and CEO.

McLaughlin is a visible, hands-on leader who conducts quarterly meetings at each branch and meets with his senior management team on the fourth. Point Breeze has five senior managers responsible for marketing, finance, retail, lending, and human resource. McLaughlin interjects his positive and infectious presence to empower his team rather than to micro manage.

“It is important to put the right people into the right positions then trust that they will succeed. Even when their approach might differ from my own, I know that they must be trusted and given the opportunity to succeed or fail on their own, ” concedes McLaughlin.

“It typically takes four to five years to modify a culture or environment. Resistance to change is normal, ” McLaughlin says. “Ironically, it is not always the employee who has been here the longest that has the greatest difficulty with change, although it can be, and regardless, it is important to have everyone buy into the change.”

Another advantage the CEO has enjoyed is the benefit of a very engaged board of directors. He appreciates the fact that they are a very smart group of volunteers who provide significant support.

“At Point Breeze we emphasize the need for employees to understand the numbers and to see how the financial health of our organization impacts each of them, ” the CEO explains. “In our quarterly meetings, we share that information with the staff. Everyone needs to have a clear picture of where we stand, because it impacts all of us.”

The “clear picture” has blossomed with McLaughlin at the helm. Change has manifested into solid results.

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