Falkinn – Knowledge Experience Service

Falkinn started life as a bicycle repair shop in 1904 and has come a long way since. Through the years the company has evolved and changed with the times.

Through the years Falkinn has been selling and repairing bicycles, sewing machines and other household appliances, automobiles, prams and strollers. Falkinn even sold records produced in an in house recording studio.
Falkinn as we know it today is a powerhouse shop and service centre for machinery and electronics of all shapes and sizes.

The foundation to Falkinn’s success is through good service, expertise and knowhow from our sales and technical team. Most of them have been working with Falkinn for decades.
We have a great product selection with strong and dependable suppliers with high quality and reliable products.

Furthermore Falkinn is equipped with an electronic workshop offering repair and maintenance services, both on our products but also general electronic repair.

Strong in the north:  

Our partner in Akureyri, Straumrás Ltd. is a well-established company, deep-rooted in its home market and enjoying the benefits of close proximity to the dynamic industrial and fisheries sectors in the northern region. Straumrás Ltd. is located at Furuvellir 3 in Akureyri.